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Ever wake up, look in the mirror, and see your blemishes staring back at you?

Don't you want to be the one that everyone talks about?

Be the one who naturally has clear and glowing skin

So...why hasn't it happened for you yet?

Well now it can, with Prescribd

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I’ve always wanted to have clear skin

And it’s nice to finally have a product

That has all natural ingredients

I tried a product before that when I would rinse my face and dry my face off with my towel,

My towel would be bleached...

So I’m thinking, what is that doing to my skin?

It’s refreshing to finally have a product

that’s just natural ingredients 

That I know won’t be harmful to my skin and get the job done

We tried your product for the first time

And ...

We LIKE IT!!!!

Thank you a lot Prescribd

What you think?

I like it

She’s excited

We’re on the path to healthy skin

Thank you and bye bye :)

Hi my name is Jessica.

I use Prescribd, just so I can maintain this nice skin...

the glow...

the tightening...

and keep the confidence that I have more now after using your product 

I can take pictures and you know, do videos without filtering


Thank you !

It would just be awesome to find something

That would help with my face being a full shade darker than the rest of my body

I would just really love to just balance out my skin tone

And just create a healthy skin regimen that would be more natural than I’m sure a lot of the stuff I use right now


My name is Jandra...

And I’m interested in Prescribd.

Because of my acne problem,

And the blemishes that I’m having on my face.

I really think that the product would be great in helping me clear this problem up

I have really bad acne scarring everywhere...

And I feel that all the things that I have been using for my breakouts and my scars,

Are really harmful to the environment

And I want something that’s more natural

First things first, we have to wash our face

With this oatmeal bar that’s mixed with honey

It’s good for exfoliation

A lot of people don’t realize that a major thing with skin is exfoliating your skin honey

You got to exfoliate your skin so that way you can get all the dirt and oil out of the pours

That was a major problem that I had

Especially when it came to clogging and stuff like that

The bar smells so good

It smells real good and it got actual oatmeal in it

The thing I like about it is it’s all natural

A lot of people don’t like to use stuff that has chemicals in it

I would always look at stuff and I’d be like

I can’t read this for nothing

Know what I mean?

So now, I can look at everything in this soap

And I can actually read it


Oatmeal and Honey

And by the way

Our Honey, our supply is from a local guy here

We actually visited the bee farm and everything, OK

It’s cool.  He explained how everything works

So it’s not like he’s giving the bees steroids or anything like that

It’s legit

All locally made in Chicago

The average person puts 10 products on her face daily, most of them loaded with over 100 chemicals you can't even pronounce. Our skin is our body's largest organ, and absorbs what it comes in contact with, including these chemicals. Over time, the chemical build up actually ages our skin drastically, and even speeds up the formation of wrinkles, age spots, acne, or worse.

Our Cleansr is specially formulated with a honey base to bring out your natural glow, and an oatmeal exfoliant to gently open and cleanse your pores. For a short time only, we are giving away Cleansr Soaps to the first 100 people that sign up below.


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